Apr 20, 2018 0008 IST
Bengaluru most preferred in Asia Pacific for office space
In India, multinationals are focusing on expanding in Bengaluru and smaller cities, but have limited growth plans in the Delhi-NCR.
Should mutual fund investors alter strategy ahead of 2019 election?
Mutual fund advisors say many of their clients, worried about the impact of the general election in 2019.
Housing prices down by average 7% in Jan-Mar 2018: Report
Unsold housing stock fell by 2 per cent to 5,95,074 units during March quarter 2018 over the previous quarter due to increase in sales volume.
How income tax department can penalise you for under-reporting, misreporting income
As per the I-T laws, in case of misreporting of income the I-T officer can levy a penalty of 200% of the amount of tax payable on under-reported income.
The Bengaluru case that turned the taxman's gaze on India's salaried class
Income tax department has warned that tax payers should not fall prey to unscrupulous tax advisors or planners who help them in preparing wrong claims
Tax queries: VRS benefit up to Rs 5 lakh is exempted from tax
Dilip Lakhani, Senior Chartered Accountant, answers queries from our readers on income tax and other levies.
Want to extend PPF account after it matures? Here are 2 options for you
Although Public Provident Fund has a lock-in period of 15 years you have the option to take a loan against it or make partial withdrawals during its tenure.
How to find the right mutual fund distributor
Investors could be confused about their holdings, as names of many mutual fund schemes change and portfolios realign with regulatory requirements.