Aug 22, 2017 0822 IST
Soon, you could own diamonds by investing as little as Rs 900 a month
To invest in the diamond SIP scheme, you have to open an account with a broker on the ICEX, complete the KYC process and deposit some money.
SBI offers up to 100% waiver on processing fee on various loans
The latest offer is in addition to the existing waiver on processing fee on takeover of home loans, the bank said in a statement.
Dena Bank cuts savings rate by 0.5% on deposits up to Rs 25 lakh
With this, Dena Bank has joined a host of peer banks after the industry leader SBI started paying less on certain savings deposits.
Bank of India planning on reducing savings account interest rate
Sankaranarayanan, who was here to take part in an Exporters' Meet last night, said that the bank was looking for quality business through its good customers to get newer customers.
You must adjust financial plans to varying inflation and returns
You will need to inflate your goal amount as prices will not remain the same. You won't be able to afford the same lifestyle in future with the same income.
Insurance companies liable if it charges premium for special coverage
Once premium is charged, the insurer can't disown its liable to avoid payment by taking shelter behind standard printed terms.
Take the right financial decisions in your 50s to prepare for retirement
You should ideally start saving for retirement as soon as you start earning. But many people get serious about it only when they reach their 50s.
Jaypee buyers, be wary of `transfer' offers
Lawyers have cautioned that withdrawal of money from Jaypee projects would amount to asset stripping.